New 2014 Autumn Winter collection from Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo has introduced a new line of eyeglasses and jewellery for the autumn-winter 2014/15 season. Following the recent trends seen on Italian catwalks, the Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses feature clear cut and square shapes, with compact and thick underground appeal. The frames are entirely made with coloured variants, Zyl from Red and Blue shades, extended […]

V&A-Victoria and Albert museum London celebrates Italian fashion

When in comes to fashion, there is no doubt that the Italians are unsurpassed in terms of glamour. This mantra dominates this month on the issue of Vogue Uk, speaking of Italian fashion with a view to the long-awaited opening of one of the largest ever shows devoted to Italian fashion. The venue is at […]

A Visual Feast In The Lap Of Luxury

Defined by its extraordinary location which is in the heart of a city and yet quite separate from it. the Cipriani is directly across from St Mark’s Square with its palaces, campanile, cathedral and thousands of visitors and yet there is a water’s breadth between them. You can look, but you cannot touch until you […]

The Maillol museum to showcase Murano glass history in Paris

The Maillol Museum in Paris has decided to dedicate an exhibit to the history of Venetian Murano glass. On show will be over two hundred art pieces, an extensive roundup of what the Murano glass has been and is, from the Renaissance until the present day, through painstaking and refined talent of the dynasties of […]

Gucci collection for kids Spring-Summer 2014

For the Spring-Summer 2014 collection from the renowned fashion house Gucci, have gone for a very imaginative and vibrant prints to really make your little one stand out from the crowd. Boys and girls are now at the best period of the year what with the end of school and the holidays in full swing! […]

Enjoy Italian limonata Positano on the Amalfi coast

To me, the word Amalfi sounds like a dangerously decadent yet fluffy dessert that I would eat only on special occasions. In truth, Amalfi is the place name for a town in the Campania Region of Italy, and so the moniker is used for the entire outlying coast. There is a small town on the […]

Walking Northern Italy

Italy is a truly stunning country and what makes it so unique is the diversity and richness of its landscape – not to mention its fidelity to its heritage, its history and its culture. For the walking enthusiast it can offer a very memorable experience of old world charm, breath taking scenery and rustic beauty. […]

The World’s Greatest Easter Eggs

If you are preparing for Easter and examining the extensive range of Easter eggs on offer you are probably considering investing in a reasonably modest chocolate egg from a well know confectionary company. Any egg makes a lovely gift but occasionally some really special eggs are unveiled to the world. They are highly likely to […]

A new collection of footwear for 2013 from Giorgia Caovilla

During the Milan fashion week the famous Italian fashion shoe designer Giorgia Caovilla, presented her new shoe collection for Fall-Winter 2013/14 named O’Jour, with items for the active woman and shoes inspired by the equestrian world. These wonderful luxury Italian shoes are both elegant and glamorous but also can be for every day use. They […]

New 2013 collections from San Valentino & Goldenpoint

Vogue Eye-wear have launched the “Gift of Love” 2013 collection that includes 2 new sunglasses to make you stand out from the crowd; Contemporary design, super glamorous, very bold, colourful & super trendy all at the same time. Red is not lacking, there is even the symbol of love with a heart on the sunglasses. […]