Venice by car? Well, looks like you can!

VENICE, Italy. They have arrived by car right under Rai Broadcasting offices in Venice, Italy. It ‘s the “stunt” of four youths from Jesolo Beach, who have resulted being a bit drunk. Last night in Venice this event triggered an alarm over a feared terrorist attack. When in fact, at around 4.30 am, their grey […]

Public Services, Italy way behind!

ROME – From education to health, from justice to the nursery, the quality of public services offered in Italy shows “significant delays” compared to the international ones and “large regional disparities, measured in terms of both quality and efficiency, regardless of the level of government providing the service. ” This is documented presented by a […]

Online shop Toro Cafè: 5 new Bialetti capsule flavours

The online coffee shop Toro Cafè is expanding its online product catalogue with the offering of new aluminium Bialetti coffee capsules. They are original capsule compatible with all the Mokespresso Bialetti machines line and you can buy them in individual boxes of 15 capsules. They are available in five flavours, which include the name of […]

For the USA Berlusconi is an ineffective clown

ROME – The “frequent gaffes” by Silvio Berlusconi, who is “a little ‘clown, ” and has a “poor choice of words ” have “offended practically all categories of Italian citizens, so that the image of Italy “ a poor comic tone”. The special of L’espresso opens with a quotation from a dispatch signed by the […]

The Benigni Show in Sanremo

Once again, Roberto Benigni has made a transition into a television event. Some of his most memorable performance are connected to Sanremo, to use a word very dear to the great Tuscan man. Tonight, in an episode dedicated to the 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy, he was called to do the exegesis of […]

Museum of Wine in Barolo, Piedmont

It’s born in Barolo (and how could it be otherwise?) the new WiMu-Wine Museum, the Museum of Wine, a ground breaking exhibition devoted to the nectar of the gods. Housed in the castle town of Falletti, the museum is a journey through the culture and the tradition of wine. A course designed by François Confino, […]

Berlusconi indicted for extortion and child prostitution. First hearing April 6

Silvio Berlusconi has been indicted with immediate ritual for extortion and prostitution of minors concerning the Ruby case by the investigating magistrate in Milan, Cristina Di Censo. The news is a statement from the president of the magistrate and Gup di Milano, Gabriella Manfrin. The court proceedings will begin next April 6th, 9.30 am, before […]

New pots for the Unification of Italy

Domo, the well-known manufacturer of cookware from Marche region, Italy, has created a line of pots “Anniversary”, a true symbol of Made in Italy, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy. The line combines technology, innovation, functionality and design: the pots are white with red sleeves and show the silkscreen on the […]

Valentine’s day in Verona with Romeo & Juliet

Lovestone is the original initiative of the Teatro Stabile di Verona, which can leave an indelible mark of love on the terrace overlooking the Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s house). The marble tiles of its floor may in fact be indelibly engraved with a special laser machine. They can be purchased on site or on the […]

Young couple creates blog to find sponsors for their wedding

It’s the idea of a young Milanese couple who do not want to give up their wedding ceremony. Walter and Elisa he is graduating in Economics and in the evening he works as a bartender, bartender and she is an office worker and a bartender at the weekends) to help pay for the wedding expenses […]