Sanremo Festival coming up

Details continue to emerge about the next edition of the Festival of Sanremo, even if it was the same Gianni Morandi to declare that little or nothing is known about the international guest appearances yet. It is still uncertain the presence of Lady GaGa, announced by some newspaper and blatantly contradicted by others, as well […]

1982 World Cup Italian coach Enzo Bearzot dies

Enzo Bearzot, the man who led Italy into winning the Football World Cup in 1982 has died at the age of 83. Bearzot made started as a professional football with Pro Gorizia in 1946, then he played for Inter Milan, Catania and Torino. He ended his playing career in 1964 and he became assistant coach […]

Ashes to Ashes in Venice

When someone dies in the beautiful city of Venice (yes, you can die there too) usually the body will be burried on the small island of San Michele, which became the city cemetery under the rule of Napoleon, who thought it would be more hygienic for the citizens to have the remains of their loved […]

Get wrapped for Winter!

As Europe and the Usa get covered by blankets of snow and the temperature drops dramatically, it is time to cover up. You can do this in style, even better, in Italian style.  Rediscover the art of wrapping up (literally) and buy yourself an Italian designer scarf. sells a wide range of scarves from […]

Last minute Italian Christmas gifts

Mamma mia, only few days left to Christmas and  still no idea to what to get for your mother-in-law, your father-in-law or that cousin you only see on this special occasions? Well, in Italy it is very traditional to give as a present something that can be eaten or drunk. From the particular truffle sauce […]

Special Event in Siena for Christmas

Tuscany is the cradle of the Italian culture, no doubt. For centuries this area has welcomed artists from all over the world, perfect setting for inspiration. Many monuments in Italy are usually closed to the public, sometimes for restauration, sometimes because they are private property and sometimes just because the government cannot afford to keep […]

Berlusconi is famous even in Asia!

Macchiavelli ( the 15th century Italian philosopher and writer) used to say: Politics have no relation to morals! This is definetely valid for Mr Berlusconi. No matter what he does or say, people keep voting for him. Maybe for opportunism, maybe for blind faith or God knows why, but no matter what they throw at […]

Visit Venice and learn to cook!

Planning your next trip to Italy? Then you must for sure go and visit Venice, the City of Water. Whilst you are there, wandering around the small street, riding on a gondola or sipping a coffee in Saint Mark’s Square, you should also take some time and try to learn to cook some of the […]