Italian women are among slimmest in the world

Over the past thirty years the people around the world have put on some extra pounds: from America to Japan, one adult in ten is obese, a figure that has almost doubled since 1980. A problem that affects women more than men, the only exception to this is the “increasingly slim” Italian woman. Leading the […]

Caravaggio back in Rome

ROME – Unpublished documents, such as the one, precious, confirming his arrival in Rome when 25 years old, instead of 20 (thereby upsetting his biography), anecdotes, reconstructions, but also those of his contemporaries and his masterpieces: Caravaggio returns to the centre of a major exhibition from 11 February to St Ivo alla Sapienza, site of […]

Biennale of Genova: Mediterraneo. from Courbet to Monet to Matisse

The Biennale of the Mediterranean has given the city of Genoa a great range of cultural events that have attracted thousands of visitors. Under this initiative, which aspires to become a regular event over the years, is the art exhibition “Mediterranean. From Courbet to Monet to Matisse ” at the Palazzo Ducale, a unique opportunity […]

2011: Italy’s anniversary

In 1848 Europe rebelled against absolutism. And Milan invented the first smoke-strike, which ended in blood. LONDON – The idioms often have a historical background that justifies them: so today in Italian they say “success is a forty-eight” to indicate a sudden chaos, riot general of unexpected uproar. It is the same Mike Rapport, on […]

Solar Eclipse in Italy

The year 2011 may be remembered as the year of eclipses, which offers memorable performances for fans of astronomical phenomena. You will be able to observe 6 in total: two will be Moon eclipses and four will be Sun eclipses The first one will be an eclipse of the Sun and it will be on […]

Colours and our mind

We know colours can affect the psyche, like red is the colour of vitality and energy and aggression. It is vibrant and exciting but it may produce physical reactions such as raising the blood pressure or accelerating the heartbeat. Blue instead is associated with a sense of calm and encourages concentration, green is the colour […]

Permit to stay only with an Italian test, but there are no Italian courses to follow

ROME – Can you tell the difference between the advertising of a vacuum cleaner from that of a sofa? Are you able to give or understand directions? If the answer is no, forget getting an Italian residence permit. The new rule dates back from the 9th December: from that day, in fact, the issue of […]

Italian High school students with a suitcase- Now the top destination is China

Hector Ismael Borghetto is attending the fourth year at the Art Institute of Calcagnadoro in Rieti  but for a year he has studied in Zhengzhou, in China and he has returned with a very clear idea: “And who can stay in Italy anymore? I am going to enroll at the  Oriental Languages Faculty at University […]

Italy is way back on using the Internet and broadband

According to ISTAT, Italian families remain separated from those of Europe. The use of technology has increased  in Italy in 2010 but Italian families are still lagging behind Europe with regard to Internet use and broadband. This is what emerges from this statement made by Istat on technologies and their use by the Italians. “Compared […]

Ashes to Ashes in Venice

When someone dies in the beautiful city of Venice (yes, you can die there too) usually the body will be burried on the small island of San Michele, which became the city cemetery under the rule of Napoleon, who thought it would be more hygienic for the citizens to have the remains of their loved […]