Shopping in Milan,check out the Paola Graglia collection of handbags

If you are in market for handbags with bags of personality and style, then look no further than these wonderful items from Milan in Italy. The collection of Paola Graglia offers ultra-feminine fashion accessories, for everyday wear, a visit to this store will uncover some real jems. The “façon” craftsmanship ensures the uniqueness of each […]

Spring Italian Fashion: New Trends for 2011!

All shops specializing in Italian fashion are already showcasing new fashion trends and the spring air will surely wet the appetite! After the overdose of January sales (who has not been tempted?) it’s time to open your wardrobe and make room for the change of season. Throw the heavy sweaters, pants and winter jackets, and […]

Online shop Toro Cafè: 5 new Bialetti capsule flavours

The online coffee shop Toro Cafè is expanding its online product catalogue with the offering of new aluminium Bialetti coffee capsules. They are original capsule compatible with all the Mokespresso Bialetti machines line and you can buy them in individual boxes of 15 capsules. They are available in five flavours, which include the name of […]

Prada Sunglasses presents Baroque Minimal Collection

Recently presented at the CAFA Art Museum in Beijing, the sunglasses collection from Prada which are called the Minimal Baroque Sunglasses Collection. A feminine pop-baroque style  for spring-summer 2011, the baroque style will be maintained all the way down to the color and originality, as explained by three illustrators, Ivo Bisignano, Marcela Andrea Gutierrez and […]

New pots for the Unification of Italy

Domo, the well-known manufacturer of cookware from Marche region, Italy, has created a line of pots “Anniversary”, a true symbol of Made in Italy, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy. The line combines technology, innovation, functionality and design: the pots are white with red sleeves and show the silkscreen on the […]

Articook, the new pressure cooker from Lagostina

The new pressure cooker Acticook Lagostina makes it even easier and faster to cook, because it is equipped with 3 exclusive eco-technology systems that save energy and time. With the cooking accelerator Eco Energy System, a valve which right from the start releases the 85% air, cooking will be fast, with Eco Dose you can […]

Perfect Valentine’s day gift with Italian jewel Breil

  On the occasion of Valentine’s Day why not show her your love with a jewel, the gift that women like the most? In the collection Duplicity of Breil you will find a wide selection of precious jewels which combine precious details with a simplicity that allows to wear them every day. Made with a […]

Love Therapy, an energetic and colourful collection by Fiorucci

The Spring /Summer 2011 Love Therapy collection, created by Elio Fiorucci, offers fun and creative clothing, in which colour and cheerfulness are predominant, to communicate the joy of living which is also the key to the success of the brand. There are several lines for women, such as Sunday Best, inspired by the 50s pop […]

Gift season Italian Style

Breil, famous Italian brand of watches, offers also modern jewellery in steel, which can be worn from morning to evening. What better gift for the occasion of Epiphany, to surprise her with a precious symbolic gift? The collection features an elegant Node (knot), available in two versions: a circular knot, twisting to form two concentric […]

Sales in Italy: January 2nd the sale season begins, here are the dates

The start of the season’s sales will start on January 2nd 2011 in the southern regions of Italy; the central and northern regions will instead wait for the epiphany, that is on January 6th. According to the study of Confcommercio this season’s sales will get families to spend an average of 415 € for a […]