Where To Eat In Umbria

Umbria, Italy, nestled in the Apennines, is located right in the center of Italy. With verdant rolling hills and deep river valleys, this mountainous region is one of Italy’s smallest, and is the only one that is landlocked. A trip to Umbria provides an excellent opportunity to drive through the picturesque countryside, dotted with mediaeval […]

Experience Tuscany Like The Locals This Summer

Tuscany is a very popular option when it comes to a summer holiday. Rather than doing the typical ‘tourist’ holiday why not choose to experience Tuscany like the locals and enjoy a rustic Tuscan summer holiday. Italians are known for their zest and passion for life, their love of good food and their laid back […]

Agrigento: A Great Destination For Those Interested In History

A main attraction to visiting Italy is the grand, historical Roman Ruins.  Places like the Roman Forum and Pompeii hold the keys to historians understanding the Roman Empire, and how it shaped Europe.  There are many ruins throughout Italy, some more grand than others, and some not so well known.  The many Roman ruins of […]

Road Trip: 13 Steps, The Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi coast (picture below) is one of the most beautiful spans of coastline in the world with beautiful turquoise seas striking landscape bound to astonish views and picturesque buildings. The coastline can be found in the Sorrentine Peninisula in the province of Salermo, Southern Italy. Considering all its beauty it is no wonder that […]

When In Rome – Reasons Why You Need To Visit The Eternal City

Rome is the capital of Italy and is home to 2.8 million people. Often referred to as ‘The Eternal City’, Rome is flooded with thousands of years of history, delightful art, stylish fashion and many more events and attractions. Whether you want to have a relaxing holiday in cafes and parks, or you want a […]

Delights Of Ravenna, Italy

Ravenna, one of Italy’s oldest and most charming cities. Literary Fame Ravenna is one of those magical Italian cities that effortlessly manages to transport you back in time. Finding a balcony and posing from it pretending to be Shakespeare’s Juliet should not be a hard thing to do! After a visit here, it becomes obvious […]

The Top Five Sights to See in Cortona, Tuscany

Located in the picturesque hills of Tuscany, Cortona is one of the main artistic and cultural centers of the region. As such, there is much to explore and see while in the town, making it a must-visit locale on your list of Italian villas. You will find the natural beauty of the countryside to be […]

Getting Married in Venice – The Whys, Hows and Where’s

If you’re currently planning on tying the knot then no doubt you’re in the throes of the same dilemma as every other couple faces – where can you do it that is a bit different. Everyone wants a wedding day to remember, an occasion that stands out from the crowd, and creates some wonderful happy […]

Enjoy a Real Roman Holiday

The city of Rome, nestled in the Lazio region of Italy, serves as the country’s capital and is also its largest city. The great thing about Rome, especially for tourists, is how the city is divided. There are a number of sections and each has its own attractions. The Modern Centre is located in the […]

4Family Holidays in Italy: Exploring the Riviera

“The Italian Riviera” are three words that say it all. What’s not to like? It sounds romantic, but families cannot have a bad time there in regard to the location and climate. The food will be better than fabulous; Italy does not understand the word “unappetizing.” They favor fish and mussels in Liguria. Hotels are […]