Colours and our mind

Purple, the in colour

Purple, the in colour

We know colours can affect the psyche, like red is the colour of vitality and energy and aggression. It is vibrant and exciting but it may produce physical reactions such as raising the blood pressure or accelerating the heartbeat. Blue instead is associated with a sense of calm and encourages concentration, green is the colour of healing and harmonizing, a classic for home d├ęcor

Yellow and orange are ideal for rooms dedicated to inspiring freedom, while light pink, lilac and purple are soothing as giving a sense of serenity and spiritual environments.

White surfaces reflect the energy of the room colours and although it is difficult to live with it, it intensifies the feeling of light and space. Black absorbs the colours, it has then the effect of energy barrier and makes the space oppressive. To have a warm and intimate, it is preferable to opt for brown, which is earthy and warm.

Note Well : In the perception of colour comes also the various types of light which lead to a different perception of colour, it is essential to examine samples of the materials both in daylight and artificial light.


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