Berlusconi indicted for extortion and child prostitution. First hearing April 6

Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi has been indicted with immediate ritual for extortion and prostitution of minors concerning the Ruby case by the investigating magistrate in Milan, Cristina Di Censo. The news is a statement from the president of the magistrate and Gup di Milano, Gabriella Manfrin. The court proceedings will begin next April 6th, 9.30 am, before the judges of the Fourth Criminal Division in a panel. The magistrate has ordered the trial because there is clear evidence for the prosecution with immediate ritual.

The request made by the prosecutor in Milan has been accepted , with the belief that there is enough evidence to send to trial Berlusconi skipping the stage of preliminary hearing. An overview of evidence, that developed by the magistrates Ilda Boccassini, Antonio Sangermano and Pietro Forno, has convinced the magistrate that after 6 days of analysis of the case has decided to grant the request of the prosecution.

The plaintiffs are the Ministry of Interior and Ruby. Three women will judge the Premier

From the decree of the magistrateit is clear that Ruby “Heartbreaker” and the Ministry of Interior are the injured parties in the process that will be celebrated with immediate ritual on 6 April in Milan: Karima El Mahroug, alias Ruby, is a victim to the proceedings in relation to the crime of child prostitution challenged to Berlusconi since prime minister would have committed sexual acts with the girl in exchange for money or other benefits from February to May last year, when the girl was not yet 18 years old. The Interior Ministry, however, is the injured party in relation to the crime of bribery against Berlusconi suggested in the report that the prime minister made the call in the night between 27 and 28 May last at the police station in Milan to get the ‘release’ of Ruby, which was taken in by the police following the complaint of theft. Judging Silvio Berlusconi will be three female judges Carmen D’Elia, Giulia De Cristofaro and Orsolina Turri. “We already have three women in the Mills case, the ladies are always welcome and sometimes pleasing,” said the senator and lawyer of the premier, Peter Longo


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