Italian Democracy or lack of

Rosy Mauro head of Lega Nord Emilia branch (a right wing party based in the north of Italy), recently presided over amendments over a very controversial law regarding school reform named Riforma Gelmini.With the approval of certain amendments by the opposition parties, a chaotic situation was on the cards whereby a vote on the amendments was modified, then again rewrote then completely abolished and finally causing the suspension of the parliamentary session. Then in the evening, with a recount of the votes the current house speaker Renato Schifani, identified certain irregularities in the votes that had been placed earlier that day.

A blog aptly named  ‘Stopthecensure’ recounted how laws are often decided not by the real number of “show of hands” but by just declaring “approved” “not approved” or “not amiss-able”, maybe she couldn’t see the hands 😉

Take a look at the video below (especially at min 1.30), just imagine the same scene here in the UK 🙂

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