Explore History, Culture and Romance in Italy – Rome Milan & Venice

Italy is a European country that has a captivating charm of its own. The trip to Europe would be incomplete without visiting this country, which is deeply rooted in history. One cannot count the numerous things that make this country so popular. Roman Empire, pasta, pizza, opera, architecture, museums, palaces, churches, and of course, beautiful […]

Enjoy Italian limonata Positano on the Amalfi coast

To me, the word Amalfi sounds like a dangerously decadent yet fluffy dessert that I would eat only on special occasions. In truth, Amalfi is the place name for a town in the Campania Region of Italy, and so the moniker is used for the entire outlying coast. There is a small town on the […]

Naples, the Italian city has the best nightlife

Just revealed in a global study by Badoo the Italian city of Naples (the birthplace of Pizza) is considered to have the best Nightlife in Italy. Milan and Turin in Italy are tied in second place, followed by Florence, Catania and Rome. Rome ranks eighth in the ranking of European capitals nightlife rankings, with Madrid […]