Getting Married in Venice – The Whys, Hows and Where’s

If you’re currently planning on tying the knot then no doubt you’re in the throes of the same dilemma as every other couple faces – where can you do it that is a bit different. Everyone wants a wedding day to remember, an occasion that stands out from the crowd, and creates some wonderful happy memories to last a lifetime; in a pre-wedding situation even the most mild mannered individuals can become bride-and-groom-zillas when it comes to finding somewhere unique for you and your soon-to-be other half. Venice is a great solution to this problem as it’s close enough to the UK to make it easy to get to, it’s already pretty geared up for weddings, and it provides one of the most unforgettably romantic backdrops in the world.

The ceremony

There are lots of different options when it comes to choosing exactly how you want to get hitched in Venice, whether you’re looking for something casual and cool, or very religious. There are a number of civil ceremony sites across the city, including Palazzo Cavalli and Palazzo Vendramin Calergi, or you can opt for one of Venice’s many beautiful churches, where there are Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox wedding services on offer. There are options for those who simply want to renew their wedding vows, for couples who want a symbolic wedding, as well as for anyone looking to have a blessing in a typically Venetian location, such as a gondola. The Town Hall website has lots of information on the different types of ceremonies available (

The wedding venue

If you don’t live in Venice then trying to select a good wedding venue might seem a bit daunting, particularly as the city is literally overflowing with fantastic, romantic spots in which to celebrate your special day. As you might imagine there are some stunning Renaissance buildings in which you can hold quite a spectacular wedding reception, surrounded by antiques, chandeliers and opulent furnishings right on the romantic canals of the city. From a XV century gothic palace, such as the Ca’ Giustinian to the modern glamour of a stunning five star hotel like the Luna Hotel Baglioni (, there are reception venues aplenty in Venice. If you want something really different then why not have your event on one of the private islands in Venice, such as San Clemente (

The honeymoon

Given that you’re already in one of the most romantic cities in the world, this one’s a no brainer really! Many people who choose to get married in Venice stay anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks afterwards, to soak up the atmosphere of their betrothal city – and to enjoy the special deals for honeymooners that are available if you stay on in the venue in which you got married. You can wander hand in hand along the canals, jump in a gondola for a slow, relaxed view of the city from the water, indulge in the local wine, ice cream, pizza and pasta, or just sit at a table on one of the cafes on the Piazza San Marco and watch the world go by.

Getting married in Venice is the perfect way to make sure that you create some wedding memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. Whether you crave the old school glamour of Renaissance architecture, the seclusion of a private island, or the ornate interiors of Venice’s period churches, there’s a Venice wedding for everyone.

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