Unesco Fossil trail in Monte San Giorgio mountains

The Monte San Giorgio area in northern Italy never fails to impress it’s visitors with it’s breath-taking scenery: between Lombardy and Ticino. This mountain has an important past, a fossil deposit that dates back to the middle Triassic (around 245-230 million years ago). Characterized by the presence of at least six fossiliferous levels, this mountain has a precious heritage that came to light only in XIX century, a discovery that allowed teams of paleontologists to study the history and evolution of various fish, invertebrates, plants and Microfossils. Its relevance has led the Monte San Giorgio, to be part of the World Natural Heritage List by Unesco, because of it is currently the best examples of Triassic marine life, and at the same time also preserves important remains of life on earth.

Monte San Giorgio overlooking Lake Lugano in Italy

There are many scientific based trails or nature ones that connect the various municipalities that make up the region of San Giorgio: those who prefer a green approach and knowing trivia and news from the botanical point of view and wildlife, can climb from the Church of San Silvestro, in Meride, among woods of chestnut and oak, Birch and Holly, you reach a breathtaking panorama that opens up, on a clear day, a wonderful view over Lake Lugano and the Alps.

After a long walk in the mountains, we recommend a stop off at the ancient Grotto Fossati (address: Via Cantine 1, 6866, Switzerland. Tel. +41 06 9164656) where, surrounded by the colours of the Meride, you taste some excellent cuisine, authentic local dishes like homemade salami or Polenta rustica prepared directly on the fire.

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