Hotels in Sicily

A selection of amazing hotels to stay on the wonderful island of Sicily. Hotels in Taormina The San Domenico Palace Hotel The San Domenico Palace Hotel sits in a truly magnificent setting that has attracted people from ancient times. A luxury 5-star hotel in an ancient Dominican monastery, it has views over Mount Etna and […]

My Top Five Fabulous Volcanoes

In my book, volcanos are Mother Nature’s most awe-inspiring and deadly spectacle, when a rupture in the earth’s crust allows molten magma, gases and ash to blast out into the atmosphere, often several miles high before cascading to ground, causing untold devastation. Now clearly I wouldn’t recommend going anywhere near one of the things if […]

Villa Rentals in Sicily

Introduction The island of Sicily is a well known and beautiful destination off the Southern coast of Italy’s mainland. The residents are intensely proud of their heritage and culture. The island has been ruled by many different nations and empires over time and as a result, the culture, language and cuisine is diverse and fascinating. […]

Visit Masserie di Puglia in southern Italy

The ancient stones, the silence of the countryside, the flavors of the garden and the terraces with olive or vineyards: a winning mix that has made Puglia the destination at the top of the charts of favorite places to visit in Italy. In the lands of Primitivo and Negroamaro – according to the American magazine […]

My once-in-a-lifetime trip to Venice

Venice has always been on my “must-see” travel list, with its endless romantic towers and basilicas reflected in those famous canals. It’s going to be tempting to explore Piazza San Marco as soon as I arrive, but the area gets very busy with all the attractions like the Doge’s Palace and Campanile bell tower. I’m […]

Enjoy Italy On A Budget

Italy is known for being romantic, historical, cultural and expensive. That doesn’t have to be the case, though, and there are plenty of places you can go to soak up the sun in Italy without blowing your budget. First, consider when you want to visit. May, June, September and October are the busiest months in Italy, when […]

Unesco Fossil trail in Monte San Giorgio mountains

The Monte San Giorgio area in northern Italy never fails to impress it’s visitors with it’s breath-taking scenery: between Lombardy and Ticino. This mountain has an important past, a fossil deposit that dates back to the middle Triassic (around 245-230 million years ago). Characterized by the presence of at least six fossiliferous levels, this mountain […]

Guided excavations in Pompeii and Herculaneum

Every Friday until early October, the two archaeological sites of the Vesuvian will open its doors even after sunset to discover and admire at night the ruins and ancient artifacts. From Friday 4 July and every Friday evening in July, August, September and early October, in the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum, you can take […]

A Visual Feast In The Lap Of Luxury

Defined by its extraordinary location which is in the heart of a city and yet quite separate from it. the Cipriani is directly across from St Mark’s Square with its palaces, campanile, cathedral and thousands of visitors and yet there is a water’s breadth between them. You can look, but you cannot touch until you […]

Explore History, Culture and Romance in Italy – Rome Milan & Venice

Italy is a European country that has a captivating charm of its own. The trip to Europe would be incomplete without visiting this country, which is deeply rooted in history. One cannot count the numerous things that make this country so popular. Roman Empire, pasta, pizza, opera, architecture, museums, palaces, churches, and of course, beautiful […]