Italian Tv: a Bunga Bunga reality show?

Italy: A new TV show will start in April, called in a ridiculous, ironic and irreverent way “Bunga Bunga Show.” A variety that is linked to the tradition of cabaret comedy programs like “Drive In“, “Indietro tutta”, “Quelli della notte..”. The scene will be dominated by the actors who will take their idea from the top reality shows, the characters from the TV who came out of these new stepping stones, news reports with the only scope to create ridiculous gossip and nothing else. With this program they do not want to do politics, let alone hit the people holding high institutional positions. They have chosen this title for the only fact that is on everyone’s lips like a media pillory for those directly involved but in the end it’s all a game, a joke for the rise to power. The Bunga Bunga Show wants with his players, his skits and jokes to exorcise this period of history, making people smile, teasing the reality of today. It will go on air on a circuit of regional broadcasters such as Supernova, Europa TV, TV Gari, Canalezero, Teletuscolo, Extra TV …

They are still looking for artists, bizarre characters, flashy girls, cabaret to participate in the program. Whoever wants can apply by sending an email to


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