Public Services, Italy way behind!

Kindergarten in Italy

Kindergarten in Italy

ROME – From education to health, from justice to the nursery, the quality of public services offered in Italy shows “significant delays” compared to the international ones and “large regional disparities, measured in terms of both quality and efficiency, regardless of the level of government providing the service. ”

This is documented presented by a study of the Bank of Italy, entitled ‘Quality’ of public services in Italy, which analyses the services offered at the central level (education and justice), regional (health) and local (local public transport, waste, water distribution gas and kindergartens). The analysis, based on researches carried out recently by Palazzo Koch to assess the quality and efficiency of public services in Italy, highlights “the existence of large regional disparities, “with “significant delays in the South. ”

In international comparison, however, the performance of the northern regions are in some cases “significantly lower than those found in the most virtuous countries” (judicial system), while others are “in line” (the school and some health indicators).


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