The Benigni Show in Sanremo

Benigni and the Italian national Anthem

Benigni and the Italian national Anthem

Once again, Roberto Benigni has made a transition into a television event. Some of his most memorable performance are connected to Sanremo, to use a word very dear to the great Tuscan man. Tonight, in an episode dedicated to the 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy, he was called to do the exegesis of the hymn of ameli. Intervention, much longer than expected, sharply divided in two: the first comic and biting, the second intense, dedicated to the reconstruction of the text of the anthem. “I had some doubts about coming because for the knights on horseback is not a very happy period” he began once off the white horse with which he entered the Ariston theatre waving the Italian flag. “I like the style of Morandi, he does not react to any power abuse, the next festival should be presented by Bersani,” “Where is the victory seems to be written by the Democratic Party”, “150 years for a nation, what do you want, it is a girl … it is a minor, this story of the minors was born in Sanremo with Cinquetti when she was passed off as the granddaughter of Claudio Villa.

Ruby Heart-breaker: I told you, if you do not like it change channels and go on RaiDue: No, there is Santoro, ” “he said she was the niece of Mubarak in Egypt, just go and see if Mubarak surname is heart-breaker, ” ” there are two people who call all the time, one is here “(he said to the Director General of RAI Mauro Masi sitting in the audience), these are some jokes on current affairs. Then the change of pace and the entry sequence analysis of the text, through humorous phrases like “Cavour was the second largest prime minister in history, then he was caught with the granddaughter of Metternick”, “Garibaldi was famous throughout the world, not even the Beatles, Bono and the Rolling Stones “,” Turin was the first capital which was later moved to Detroit” . As is typical of his style, Benigni has become a passionate singer mixing Mameli textual analysis of the history and literature, making highlighted the young age of the heroes of the Risorgimento, highlighting the past men and women who have contributed to the birth of our country.

“Italy is the only country in the world where the its culture was born before the nation”, “Cavour, Mazzini, Garibaldi has left the political poorer than when they started, but left us richer… something memorable,” “Our flag is the only one that comes from the world’s greatest poet (Dante). Love your flag ” these are just some of the steps in this passionate keynote on the concept of healthy patriotism which ended with a stroke of great theater actor: the ‘National Anthem sung whispering – as if he was thinking of the long history of men and women – which, as it did with the Paradise of Dante, has turned the festival of Sanremo into something much deeper than a competition of songs. Everyone, including the Minister La Russa and Masi gave him a standing ovation.


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