68% of Italians are loyal to the Made in Italy brands

A research by ISPO (Institute for the Study of Public Opinion), on behave of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion presented this report in Milan yesterday. The report showed that 68% of Italians said that they are faithful to Made in Italy brands. Of these, however, there is a small percentage (7%) that would buy foreign brands to save money, usually clothing made ​​in China which are of course much cheaper. Moreover, of all consumers who buy fashion items “made ​​in Italy”, an high percentage (75%) of those control the label before buying it.

The research also revealed that Italian consumers, as well as being fond of “made ​​in Italy” fashion, are very attentive to fashion trends. In fact, 49% follow the newest trends in Italian fashion, 18% say they do not follow it even if they think fashion trends are an important factor, while 32% do not follow at all, and considers only the clothes on its functionality. Among these, 52% of respondents who said they were interested in fashion are women, meanwhile 46% are men.

The most popular item of clothing could not be more obvious than the split between women and men. Women spent the most on shoes (36%), while men seem more likely to do their shopping for quality jackets or pants (29%). When it comes to buying Italian fashion both groups didn’t seem to be loyal to a brand in particular. Only 16% said they always or almost always buy the same brand, while 78% said they often to change.

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