New 2013 collections from San Valentino & Goldenpoint

Vogue Eye-wear have launched the “Gift of Love” 2013 collection that includes 2 new sunglasses to make you stand out from the crowd; Contemporary design, super glamorous, very bold, colourful & super trendy all at the same time. Red is not lacking, there is even the symbol of love with a heart on the sunglasses. If you love the retro look and want that ‘diva model’ look these sunglasses are for you. If your style is less “stand out from the crowd” then the darker ones are for you, this model with it’s square frame with modern lines, also with a crystal heart on the temples.

Both models are sold in a sweet & special packaging that will make your “I love you”.

san-valentino-glasses red-sunglasses



Womens Tights, knee high socks and insoles all in light and soft cotton just in time for summer. The new 2013 collection by Philippe Matignon from Golden point in Italy have just been launched for the summer season. All these wonderful articles guarantee freshness, natural fibres and breathability.

In spite of the use of cotton, the socks are very transparent which allows you to wear them with shoes and open sandals. In addition to the classic Blue and White, there are also the colors of the spring cornflower Blue and Pink pop alive.

For the more daring, the 2013 Spring-Summer collection is also offering polka dot tights to wear with lace-up shoes, alternatively with sockets or open-toed sandals. The pastel shades are Cream, Lilac or the more classic Black and vibrant cornflower Blue.

Multi-coloured Goldenpoint socks for 2013 collection


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