Paciotti Essence: the shoe with the perfum in the heel

Perfum and shoe

Perfum and shoe

It is called Essence, the first fragrance created by shoe designer Cesare Paciotti and its world première during the fashion week in Paris. A début that left everyone breathless not so much the perfume itself, but for the brilliant idea of ​​associating it with a shoe.

A double weapon of seduction which sees the little bottle of perfume incorporated into the vertiginous high heel suede sandal created for the autumn-winter 2011/2012. The Essence fragrance is secured by an elegant stiletto strap that allows simple and sensual movement to pick up the bottle, vaporizing a bit of its content on then put it back into the heel.

After the lipstick heel of Alberto Guardiani, here’s another brilliant idea to combine into a single object of desire two other symbols undeniable femininity.

I really like the gimmick,as well as the design of the shoe. And you?


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