Museum of Wine in Barolo, Piedmont

Wine Museum in Barolo, Italy

Wine Museum in Barolo, Italy

It’s born in Barolo (and how could it be otherwise?) the new WiMu-Wine Museum, the Museum of Wine, a ground breaking exhibition devoted to the nectar of the gods. Housed in the castle town of Falletti, the museum is a journey through the culture and the tradition of wine. A course designed by François Confino, the author of several important museum exhibitions around the world, including the National Museum of Cinema to the Mole in Turin.

The WiMu – Wine Museum as we said, could only be set up in Barolo: here, located between hills covered with vines, what is recognized as the “king of wines’ was born two centuries ago, in the nineteenth century, and it became the official wine of the Court of Savoy and now one of the most prestigious international ambassadors of the Made in Italy. What was not there then it’s here now. The castle of the Marquis Falletti in the heart of the town re-opens its historic rooms to house a museum that adds an important piece to the tourism, culture and gastronomy offer of this region as a destination acclaimed by visitors and connoisseurs around the world.

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