The new site is born, dedicated to the world most famous dessert

Tiramisu, best loved Italian dessert

Tiramisu, best loved Italian dessert

It’s on line, the first website dedicated to what is considered the most famous dessert in the world. The idea stems from the desire to collect in a single website the many recipes for tiramisu created over the years and to provide users with detailed explanations on how to realize not only the classic recipe for tiramisu, but also the many variations that, thanks to the goodness and popularity of this cake, were created over the years.

Studies on the topic have found that along with the pizza recipe the most searched recipe is that of tiramisu and this shows the strong interest in this dessert and also all over the catering trade. Designed to be simple and clear, it tries to give step-by step very detailed and explicit photos on the various procedures.

Another objective of the site is to provide variants of the original recipe , for those with food intolerances or allergies and it is aimed at solving problems for those whom it would be impossible to taste this wonderful cake. And so we find the recipe for tiramisu for children achieved through a mixture of basic tiramisu pasteurized and prepared without coffee and without liquor. With the same goal here is the recipe for tiramisu without mascarpone, egg-free recipe for tiramisu and light.

Clearly in the site you can also find lots of recipes designed for their goodness and then here is the recipe for tiramisu with yoghurt, with strawberries, cheese and of course in the first position is the traditional Italian recipe for tiramisu.

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