True typical Neapolitan cakes



True Neapolitan cakes: struffoli, pastiera, Rococo, baba, mostacciuoli, zuppetta, puffs and cassatina of Naples. And the very rare “sospiri. ”

All of Campania has a Neapolitan tradition behind it, and this obviously has an impact even in the typical Neapolitan pastries. The portions of the Neapolitan cakes are always plentiful, because for the Neapolitans the Sunday cake should be great and very satisfying. The cake should fill your life! The Neapolitan pastiera is perhaps the most famous dessert, then the baba and puffs. But, among the typical Neapolitan cakes, there is also the Neapolitan cassatina (smaller and lighter than the Sicilian with ricotta and candied fruit, with a small sponge cake, and instead of marzipan, fondant icing sugar and a cherry on top ), the zuppetta (pastry, pastry cream, sugar, sponge cake soaked), the Rococo (Naples biscuits), the mostacciuoli (soft biscuits) and Neapolitan struffoli (honey sweets). The great sospiri also tastes very good: the old ladies of Maiori still hand down the recipe of this little sponge cake with lemon cream and a “bath” of Limoncello (a lemon based liquor from Italy). A tale of tradition in the Gulf of Salerno!


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