Tuscan olive oil and wine land in the former Yugoslavia

Tuscan olive oil

Tuscan olive oil

Tuscan products land in the territories of former Yugoslavia. In particular these are the olive oil and the wine to represent the Italian region with the mark of the Agricultural Cooperative Legnaia, in addition with the typical agricultural products by the cooperative members. The Winery Cormons of Gorizia has also joined the cooperative. The products, which will be distributed in the territories of Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, will be marketed through a partnership with a chain of large food distribution.

“In this time of global economic crisis – said the technical manager of the Cooperative Legnaia, Tofani Simone – it is important to make contact with foreign markets focusing on the quality of our products, which are unique in the world.”

The Cooperative is also still growing, thanks to the addition of a new member of the North East Italy. Several weeks ago the company of Gorizia became part of the cooperative: the Cormons producers are famous for white wines, and sparkling wine, which henceforth will enrich the shelves of the Agricultural Cooperative Legnaia.

The winery is known worldwide for producing the “Vino della Pace” which has the characteristic of producing a wine from the vineyards of five different continents, and every year its label is created by an international renown artist.

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