New Year in Milan with Mozart

Concert in Milan

Concert in Milan

Rarely you get to hear the sound of instruments originating in the eighteenth century – violas, basses, bassoons, horns, trumpets and flutes – above all if played very skillfully by one of the groups who work so well together when it comes down to early music. The ensemble Silete Winds !must not be missed. It is an evening of high-level, the one proposed by the Academia dei Pugni  for the evening of December 31 in the Church of San Marco in Milan. Not only because this cultural association was first launched with the purpose of bringing to life the atmosphere of intellectual fervor that animated the city of Milan in the eighteenth century, but also because for the first time in Italy you can hear the symphonies performed by the instruments that were designed and typeset by Mozart himself. The soul of Mozart, this is the name of the concert, opens with the famous Symphony in G minor K 550, perhaps the most famous work of the enfant prodige from Salzburg. this masterpiece saw  the light, along with symphonies K 543 and K 551 in the summer of 1788, during the months when the musician lost his beloved father and which was followed by a rush of rare creative power with the composition of another famous symphony, the symphony in C major, K. 551] “Jupiter, also scheduled for New Year’s Concert of San Marco.

Before the concert, scheduled for 8pm with free admission, you can participate in the liturgical celebration in the evening mass with the performance of Cantata 51 J. S. Bach for solo voice and orchestra.

Source:   Carlotta Lombardo

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