Sanremo Festival coming up

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Details continue to emerge about the next edition of the Festival of Sanremo, even if it was the same Gianni Morandi to declare that little or nothing is known about the international guest appearances yet. It is still uncertain the presence of Lady GaGa, announced by some newspaper and blatantly contradicted by others, as well as  that of Madonna. Is Morandi reserving  the Italian public an incredible surprise?

The presenter then said: “I like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, so I would like to see, during the same evening   Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger.” An interesting combination  but a difficult one to achieve, especially given the short time available. We’ll see if the presenter will  manage to surprise us.

Many  doubts linger also about the Italian guests, invited by the same Morandi to sing famous songs on the stage of the Ariston: Francesco De Gregori and Renzo Arbore allegedly have politely declined, while there are those who hope to see the newly mother Gianna Nannini do one of her songs like the most famous, ‘Meravilgiosa creatura’. We’ll see …

The names of some of those excluded from the Festival also appear on the list , although the exclusions seem to  be mostly voluntary due to other commitments or a real reticence. Among them, there seems to be Subsonica and the Pooh, which would have increased the number of singing stars in the Big section to 16 in number.

If there is much regret for the absence of  the Pooh and Subsonica, other artists have been deliberately ‘rejected’ by Morandi and the artistic director: in fact, many will complain about the exclusion of the trio made up by Elio, Enrico Ruggeri and Niccolò Fabi, which would have certainly met with the public preferences. They are joined in the exclusion by Omar Pedrini, the Matia Bazar, Nina Zilli, Gennaro Cosmo Parlato and Enzo Avitabile together with  Bob Geldof. None of the ‘Amici’ of Maria have passed the selections in the ‘Youth’ section. For more news, you just wait.

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