Baby left to die in car wife says it could happen to anyone

On Saturday night on the 21st of May died a small baby (Elena Petrizzi,) of only 18 months when she was left for 5 hours by her father in Teramo in the Abruzzo region of central Italy. The baby ended up in an irreversible coma probably caused by the heat and left of time that she was left in the car. The announcement of death was given by the Health Department of Maternal and Child department of Salesidi Ancona.

Her brain was declared dead from 5pm onwards but was kept under observation for six hours until the baby was officially declared dead. The baby had never gone beyond the state of coma, despite an operation to reduce a large cerebral edema which was carried out in the last hours.

Family members gave their approval to the donation of the babies organs. The babies father, a professor of veterinary surgery at the University of Teramo, has been charged with abandonment of a minor. Now he will face charges of manslaughter.

The father was convinced that the baby had been left at the nursery. “What happened to Lucio (the father) could happen to anyone” said the wife Chiara Sciarrino…


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