For the USA Berlusconi is an ineffective clown



ROME – The “frequent gaffes” by Silvio Berlusconi, who is “a little ‘clown, ” and has a “poor choice of words ” have “offended practically all categories of Italian citizens, so that the image of Italy “ a poor comic tone”. The special of L’espresso opens with a quotation from a dispatch signed by the Ambassador Ronald Spogli, and it begins today to release thousands of secret cable marked Wikileaks from the U.S. diplomatic posts in Italy. It is 4000 files from 2002 to April 2010, a small part of which has already been published by the website of Julian Assange. Berlusconi “has damaged the country’s image in Europe and created a comic tone to the reputation Italian in many areas of the U.S. government, “it said in the article entitled “clown Berlusconi, is acting only in his interest. ” The premier, according Spogli, “has become the symbol of the inability and inefficiency of the Italian government in dealing with the chronic problems of the country, “his will “perceived” is “to put personal interests before those of the State” .



  1. I wonder if he will ever step down from office, even after the many court cases

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