Two runners running for 150 days for the Unity of Italy

They will run for 150 days to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. The unusual adventure will be attempted by two people from Aosta: Francesco Ceseracciu of Pont-Saint-Martin and Maurice Pitti Donnas. The two Italian runners will start tomorrow, Tuesday, ‘Jan. 4, at 10am from Pont-Saint-Martin. Every day, until June 2nd, the two runners will travel about 21 kilometers a day, for a total of 3164 km, wearing clothing with the Italian national flag.

The sport event will take place in the municipalities of Valle d’Aosta-Saint-Martin, Donnas and Bard Ho’ne where a number of sites rich in history have been identified . The two front runners will be heading to these sites and explaining to fellow athletes and citizens the meaning of that particular site during the time of the unification of Italy. You can follow the progress of the two athletes on :

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