The new site is born, dedicated to the world most famous dessert

It’s on line, the first website dedicated to what is considered the most famous dessert in the world. The idea stems from the desire to collect in a single website the many recipes for tiramisu created over the years and to provide users with detailed explanations on how to realize not only the classic […]

True typical Neapolitan cakes

True Neapolitan cakes: struffoli, pastiera, Rococo, baba, mostacciuoli, zuppetta, puffs and cassatina of Naples. And the very rare “sospiri. ” All of Campania has a Neapolitan tradition behind it, and this obviously has an impact even in the typical Neapolitan pastries. The portions of the Neapolitan cakes are always plentiful, because for the Neapolitans the […]