Summer Fashion Inspired By Rome

Fashion is always important, and in many ways, can be inspired by things all around us. The inspiration for what we wear can come from nature, other people and even cities. One of the most influential cities for summer fashion trends this year, however, is Rome. Rome is a culturally rich city, filled with small, […]

Experience Tuscany Like The Locals This Summer

Tuscany is a very popular option when it comes to a summer holiday. Rather than doing the typical ‘tourist’ holiday why not choose to experience Tuscany like the locals and enjoy a rustic Tuscan summer holiday. Italians are known for their zest and passion for life, their love of good food and their laid back […]

Agrigento: A Great Destination For Those Interested In History

A main attraction to visiting Italy is the grand, historical Roman Ruins.  Places like the Roman Forum and Pompeii hold the keys to historians understanding the Roman Empire, and how it shaped Europe.  There are many ruins throughout Italy, some more grand than others, and some not so well known.  The many Roman ruins of […]

Slow tour vacations in Italy

If you have chance check out the book from Leo Hickman “Last Call, a journey in search of the true cost of our holiday.” The young British journalist who has a column with The Guardian newspaper in the UK. He writes about tourism, and has studied in great detail the statistical breakdowns of pollution caused […]

Italian Tv: a Bunga Bunga reality show?

Italy: A new TV show will start in April, called in a ridiculous, ironic and irreverent way “Bunga Bunga Show.” A variety that is linked to the tradition of cabaret comedy programs like “Drive In“, “Indietro tutta”, “Quelli della notte..”. The scene will be dominated by the actors who will take their idea from the […]

Fake invalid and false poor in Italy

ROME – Incomes not reported for almost 50 billion Euros, a total of 8850 tax evaders, including almost 4,500 fake invalids and false poor, seizures for more than three billion from organized crime and for more than 110 million counterfeit or dangerous products. This is the data of the activity report of the Guardia di […]

Two runners running for 150 days for the Unity of Italy

They will run for 150 days to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. The unusual adventure will be attempted by two people from Aosta: Francesco Ceseracciu of Pont-Saint-Martin and Maurice Pitti Donnas. The two Italian runners will start tomorrow, Tuesday, ‘Jan. 4, at 10am from Pont-Saint-Martin. Every day, until June 2nd, the […]

Italy has highest mortgages in Europe

Italy has the most expensive mortgages in Europe. This was revealed by Anse. Badly hit by the current crisis, builders also point the finger against the high cost of mortgages , which could constitute an obstacle in the recovery of the housing market in Italy. The accusations towards the banks that, compared to other countries […]

Colours and our mind

We know colours can affect the psyche, like red is the colour of vitality and energy and aggression. It is vibrant and exciting but it may produce physical reactions such as raising the blood pressure or accelerating the heartbeat. Blue instead is associated with a sense of calm and encourages concentration, green is the colour […]

A Fashion crazy Must-Have – Polar Circle, fur is back

Even fashion has its epidemic which soon spreads to women around the world, including celebrities. In this case the victims were “sick” by the softer influence of winter: the fur craze. The catwalks (Chanel, Balmain, Burberry to name a few) have launched the fashion and the people gave a strong (it’s appropriate to say that) […]