Slow tour vacations in Italy

If you have chance check out the book from Leo Hickman “Last Call, a journey in search of the true cost of our holiday.” The young British journalist who has a column with The Guardian newspaper in the UK. He writes about tourism, and has studied in great detail the statistical breakdowns of pollution caused by our travels.

Hickman has calculated the atmospheric pollution from our vacations. Just by taking an airplane trip overseas produces half the carbon dioxide that normally is produced in a year; a tourist on vacation usually consumes twice the water that would normally be used in home etc etc..

According to Leo, the only solution is the “short-haul, ” a sort of “short chain “, not only for the food we consume, but also for the travel schedule. Talking about travel in Italy Leo said, “You Italians live in the most beautiful and most varied part of the world: you have to hand the true jewels of culture and nature, why not make an eco-friendly vacation short slow tour vacation in Italy? “.

Ideal locations in Italy for foreigners to enjoy a slow tour vacation are Friuli, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Campania, Sardinia, Puglia, Sicilia. In short: the project “Slow Tour, Italians not by chance” has begun and will continue to be talked about in the coming months.

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