4 The Love of Italy is a magazine blog portal dedicated to all things “Made in Italy“. We cover everything coming from the land of the “Dolce Vita”: from the latest trends in Italian cuisine and Italian culture to what’s in vogue in the world of fashion. direct from Milan We also cover Italian politics where there is never a dull moment and where one crisis after another is the order of the day.

Italy is also famous for it’s shopping: from Via Condotti in Rome we highlight all the best places to shop and what’s new to buy from this wonderful country.

Sport in Italy is really big, Italian football is followed all around the world. We cover everything from cycling to the lesser known sports like fencing.

Of course, we couldn’t talk about Italy without mentioning the wonderful places to visit including Tuscany, Venice, Florence, Rome, Milan and even the lesser known areas like Sorrento, the Dolomites, Aosta, Sicily, etc.

Venice palazzo in Red