Transport company in Milan uses cycles for sustainable mobility

GLS Italy, an Italian courier service has started using three electric scooters in the historic centre of Milan. Electric pedal bicycles express carried an average of 60 to 70 shipments for each delivery round. Delivery in this historic city are often limited to a only few miles at a time and recipients receive a small […]

The Italians Of Brazil

Did you know that Italian immigrants have also had a huge effect on the population of Brazil? There are actually an estimated 31 million Brazilians who are of Italian descent. With such numbers, it’s no surprise that many Brazilian politicians, models, artists, footballers, and celebrities have Italian ancestry. Their ancestors originally travelled from Italy to […]

The Maillol museum to showcase Murano glass history in Paris

The Maillol Museum in Paris has decided to dedicate an exhibit to the history of Venetian Murano glass. On show will be over two hundred art pieces, an extensive roundup of what the Murano glass has been and is, from the Renaissance until the present day, through painstaking and refined talent of the dynasties of […]

Bologna An Amazing City To Learn The Culture And The Food

Italian is the language of art, culture, cuisine and fashion. One of the best places to learn this beautiful tongue is Bologna – a large, medieval city located in northern Italy with a big student community, rich nightlife and deep cultural traditions. Why Choose Bologna? The are pleny of offers for practical language courses for […]

Italian drawings of the ‘400. From Michelangelo to Titian 100 sheets that take your breath away

An exhibition not to be missed. Spectacular for the importance of the works – an anthology that is breathtaking of every major Italian drawings of the fifteenth century – and unique because it was based on two groups of the ancient richest world’s Italian drawings: the Cabinet of the Uffizi Florence and the British Museum […]

Rome 17th March 2011: red,white and green night

 The one of 17 March in Rome will be a long “white red and green night.” To celebrate 150 years of National Unity the capital is planning a hundred concerts, theatrical performances, street entertainment, readings, lighting, projections, bands, events, fireworks and lectio magistralis. Even the antenna of Monte Mario will be covered with a […]

Italian Tv: a Bunga Bunga reality show?

Italy: A new TV show will start in April, called in a ridiculous, ironic and irreverent way “Bunga Bunga Show.” A variety that is linked to the tradition of cabaret comedy programs like “Drive In“, “Indietro tutta”, “Quelli della notte..”. The scene will be dominated by the actors who will take their idea from the […]

Public Services, Italy way behind!

ROME – From education to health, from justice to the nursery, the quality of public services offered in Italy shows “significant delays” compared to the international ones and “large regional disparities, measured in terms of both quality and efficiency, regardless of the level of government providing the service. ” This is documented presented by a […]

The Benigni Show in Sanremo

Once again, Roberto Benigni has made a transition into a television event. Some of his most memorable performance are connected to Sanremo, to use a word very dear to the great Tuscan man. Tonight, in an episode dedicated to the 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy, he was called to do the exegesis of […]

Six sculptures from III century A.D found in Rome

ROME – Six amazing great marble sculptures of the third century AD, perhaps from the villa of a high-ranking official of the imperial era, were found this morning in Rome, during the archaeological survey prior to completion of the Building Zone Plan “Anagnina 1” in X town hall. “An extraordinary discovery – said the cultural […]