Baby left to die in car wife says it could happen to anyone

On Saturday night on the 21st of May died a small baby (Elena Petrizzi,) of only 18 months when she was left for 5 hours by her father in Teramo in the Abruzzo region of central Italy. The baby ended up in an irreversible coma probably caused by the heat and left of time that […]

Saloni 2011:Italian interior design fair in Milan begins

Just a few days away is the most important interior design fair taking place in Milan from 12th to 17th April 2011. This event will take places at the Fiera Milano-Rho showcasing a multitude of events intended to involve an estimated audience of around 300,000 visitors from all over Italy and abroad. Of particular interest […]

European tax for those investing in Italy

  In Milan taxes as in Dublin. The idea launched by the Minister of Economy for some time with a provision inserted in the ad hoc three-year operation in July last year (Article 41), now entering the implementation phase, although experimental. The test to introduce a tax regime for financial firms will begin right from […]

Funeral with eight black horses for the widow of the boss

Scenic funeral in the heart of Naples, Forcella, for Amalia Stolder. She was the wife of Carmine Giuliano, the godfather of the historical namesake clan of the Camorra. Some scenes tell the story. Eight black horses and a black carriage marching solemnly in the heart of Naples is a scene from The Godfather film style […]

Italian grand-father’s illegal archelogical museum

MILAN- 284 Greek and pre-Columbian artifacts seized. The man had transformed his house into a sort of museum. Collecting ancient art objects, mostly Greek and pre-Columbian was his passion. A visceral love for statues, plates and utensils dating back to Ancient Greece, which had prompted him to illegally collect a total of 284 works of […]

Venice by car? Well, looks like you can!

VENICE, Italy. They have arrived by car right under Rai Broadcasting offices in Venice, Italy. It ‘s the “stunt” of four youths from Jesolo Beach, who have resulted being a bit drunk. Last night in Venice this event triggered an alarm over a feared terrorist attack. When in fact, at around 4.30 am, their grey […]

Berlusconi indicted for extortion and child prostitution. First hearing April 6

Silvio Berlusconi has been indicted with immediate ritual for extortion and prostitution of minors concerning the Ruby case by the investigating magistrate in Milan, Cristina Di Censo. The news is a statement from the president of the magistrate and Gup di Milano, Gabriella Manfrin. The court proceedings will begin next April 6th, 9.30 am, before […]

Young couple creates blog to find sponsors for their wedding

It’s the idea of a young Milanese couple who do not want to give up their wedding ceremony. Walter and Elisa he is graduating in Economics and in the evening he works as a bartender, bartender and she is an office worker and a bartender at the weekends) to help pay for the wedding expenses […]

Six sculptures from III century A.D found in Rome

ROME – Six amazing great marble sculptures of the third century AD, perhaps from the villa of a high-ranking official of the imperial era, were found this morning in Rome, during the archaeological survey prior to completion of the Building Zone Plan “Anagnina 1” in X town hall. “An extraordinary discovery – said the cultural […]

Automatic citizenship to 18 year old “foreigners”

Few people know this, but the 287 Tuscan cities are ready to bridge this knowledge gap: those born to foreign parents in Italy, at the age of 18 years of age may acquire Italian citizenship through a simple declaration done at the civil status office in the town where he/she lives. No bureaucratic, no test […]