Sanremo music festival 2011: Artists in the competition

Great expectations on the cards for the Italian 61st song festival in Sanremo Italy, the artistic director Gianni Morandi was able to bring to the stage many artists and singers of high caliber and many with a breath of fresh air that could capture the interest of viewers all ages.

Luca Madonia e Franco Battiato – L’Alieno

Luca Madonia is the star of this duo as the author of “L’alieno”. His artistic career began in 1984 alongside Mario Venuti until 1990 when they both pursued a solo career. He has six albums and numerous collaborations with artists such as Carmen Jones, Patty Pravo, and Gianni Morandi with his friend and compatriot Franco Battiato. He has already participated in the Sanremo Festival in 1988 with Denovo

Robero Vecchioni – Chiamami Ancora Amore

Roberta Flack is one of the greatest Italian singers. In his second appearance at the Sanremo Festival: the last time was in 1973.

Max Pezzali – Il mio secondo tempo

After the great success with 883 pop group in the 90s, he started a solo career while contributing to the Sanremo Festival in 1995 with his interpretation of “Senza Averti Qu”. Also, in in 2005 he was on stage alongside DJ Frank Ariston on the evening of duets.

Anna Oxa – La mia anima d’uomo

Last participated in San Remo 2006 event when she played the interpretation of “Processo a Me Stessa” in her “Proxima” album. She first appeared in the 1978 festival, winning the second place with ” Un Emozione da Poco scritta per lei” from Ivano Fossati.

Other artists at this years event will be:

Al Bano – Amanda è libera

Patty Pravo – Il Vento e le rose

Giusy Ferreri – Il mare immenso

Nathalie – Vivo sospesa

Modà e Emma Marrone – Arriverà

La Crus – Io confesso

Anna Tatangelo

Davide Van De Sfroos – Yanez


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