Italy January 1, 2011: stop to plastic carrier bags

Plastic carrier bags used for rubbish

Plastic carrier bags used for rubbish

Environmentalists cheered the decision of the Council of the Ministers has confirmed that it stop using plastic bags, which will come into force on 1 January 2011, with no extension: “It ‘s a major innovation, introduced by the government – said Minister Stefania Prestigiacomo, who objected to the introduction of yet another extension – which marks a crucial step forward in the fight against pollution, making us all more responsible in terms of reuse and recycling. ”

“The Minister Prestigiacomo should be congratulated for having averted, the Council of Ministers, a further extension to stop the plastic bags already provided by the Finance Act 2007, ” said the president of Legambiente Vittorio Cogliati Dezza….

Ensure that these important measure strongly supported by us is again threatened by the pressures of the lobbies of manufacturers of plastic. The banning of plastic bags is an important achievement not only for protecting the environment, but also for those who bet on innovation and green chemistry, “said Ermete Realacci, head of the green economy Pd.

For its part, Coldiretti in line, remember that “Italians are among the highest users in Europe for plastic shopping bags, with an average annual consumption of 300 bags per person”and that “Italy comes fourth in the 100 billion pieces consumed in Europe where the majority are imported from Asian countries such as China, Thailand and Malaysia. 28% of these bags and it becomes waste to pollute the environment in an almost permanent because it takes at least 200 years to decomposes.

The problem is not limited to what is seen as waste of the city, but we think, for example, what happens in Italian rivers and more generally in the world, when all the banks to fully transform into real landfill, or plastic islands adrift in the oceans. According to estimates reported by Coldiretti always, to produce 200 thousand tons are burned 430mila tons of oil.

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