Sales in Italy: January 2nd the sale season begins, here are the dates

Sales in Italy

Sales in Italy

The start of the season’s sales will start on January 2nd 2011 in the southern regions of Italy; the central and northern regions will instead wait for the epiphany, that is on January 6th. According to the study of Confcommercio this season’s sales will get families to spend an average of 415 € for a total of 6.2 billion euro, 18% of turnover.

From January 2nd  you will be able to buy on sale in Naples, Palermo, Potenza, Catanzaro, while in Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Turin and Genoa you will be able to start on the 6th. For Aosta you have to wait for the 10th.

“Even this year – said the President of Federmoda-Confcommercio, Renato Borghi – the tail of the crisis became evident to the fashion industry, with the  trend of the autumn-winter season which  is certainly not brilliant. As a result, stocks of unsold stores are high and the offer for ‘saldisti’ very large, both for variety and quality of products. We expect higher than average discounts of 40%. “”So this year – added Borghi – offering a wide and attractive discounts make us hope for a successful sales season, which could also represent the long-awaited signal of trend reversal. ”


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