Explore History, Culture and Romance in Italy – Rome Milan & Venice

Italy is a European country that has a captivating charm of its own. The trip to Europe would be incomplete without visiting this country, which is deeply rooted in history. One cannot count the numerous things that make this country so popular. Roman Empire, pasta, pizza, opera, architecture, museums, palaces, churches, and of course, beautiful […]

Summer Fashion Inspired By Rome

Fashion is always important, and in many ways, can be inspired by things all around us. The inspiration for what we wear can come from nature, other people and even cities. One of the most influential cities for summer fashion trends this year, however, is Rome. Rome is a culturally rich city, filled with small, […]

When In Rome – Reasons Why You Need To Visit The Eternal City

Rome is the capital of Italy and is home to 2.8 million people. Often referred to as ‘The Eternal City’, Rome is flooded with thousands of years of history, delightful art, stylish fashion and many more events and attractions. Whether you want to have a relaxing holiday in cafes and parks, or you want a […]

The Beauty of Piazza Navona, Rome

There are many places to travel while on a trip to Italy, but Piazza Navona in Rome deserves a special mention. Piazza Navona is a favorite destination for most Hollywood directors, as it presents the perfect setting for a film shoot. Tourists on a trip to Rome must not forget to also visit Piazza Navona, […]

Woody Allen: I will shoot a film in Rome

ROME – It ‘s bee quarter of an hour waiting for a few sentences: Woody Allen has inadvertently turned the press conference set tonight in Rome before his concert in the Auditorium of the Conciliation into a gag of the films of his first period with a lot of exchange of suitcases from the clarinet. […]

Rome 17th March 2011: red,white and green night

 The one of 17 March in Rome will be a long “white red and green night.” To celebrate 150 years of National Unity the capital is planning a hundred concerts, theatrical performances, street entertainment, readings, lighting, projections, bands, events, fireworks and lectio magistralis. Even the antenna of Monte Mario will be covered with a […]

Six sculptures from III century A.D found in Rome

ROME – Six amazing great marble sculptures of the third century AD, perhaps from the villa of a high-ranking official of the imperial era, were found this morning in Rome, during the archaeological survey prior to completion of the Building Zone Plan “Anagnina 1” in X town hall. “An extraordinary discovery – said the cultural […]

Caravaggio back in Rome

ROME – Unpublished documents, such as the one, precious, confirming his arrival in Rome when 25 years old, instead of 20 (thereby upsetting his biography), anecdotes, reconstructions, but also those of his contemporaries and his masterpieces: Caravaggio returns to the centre of a major exhibition from 11 February to St Ivo alla Sapienza, site of […]

All mad about Spaghetti Thrillers – Books and Tv speak Italian

LONDON – It ‘s big time for Italian thrillers on TV and in book-stores in England. The BBC is broadcasting with a very big success a new serial thriller set and filmed entirely in Rome. It is titled “Zen”, but the Oriental philosophy has nothing to do with it: it is the name of Aurelio […]

The Collection Créateur of Gaultier for La Perla in Italy

Exclusive lingerie lovers have been lucky: December 23rd , just in time for Christmas, the collection, which Jean Paul Gaultier has created for the prestigious house of La Perla underwear, has arrived in Italy. “Créateur Collection” is the name of this collection of couture pieces with seductive “waist cincher” corsets, high knickers which wrap the […]