European tax for those investing in Italy

  In Milan taxes as in Dublin. The idea launched by the Minister of Economy for some time with a provision inserted in the ad hoc three-year operation in July last year (Article 41), now entering the implementation phase, although experimental. The test to introduce a tax regime for financial firms will begin right from […]

Fake invalid and false poor in Italy

ROME – Incomes not reported for almost 50 billion Euros, a total of 8850 tax evaders, including almost 4,500 fake invalids and false poor, seizures for more than three billion from organized crime and for more than 110 million counterfeit or dangerous products. This is the data of the activity report of the Guardia di […]

ROME: Green light for visitors to the City tax contribution from January 2011

Approved in the night by the CapitolineAssembly.  The rate ranges from one to three euro per night depending on the structure offering hospitality to travelers. The tax will be applied from 2011 and applies to the Capital as well as for non-residents in the establishments of Ostia.  Children under 10 years will be exempt. The […]