Visit Masserie di Puglia in southern Italy

Boats in Masserie di Puglia

The ancient stones, the silence of the countryside, the flavors of the garden and the terraces with olive or vineyards: a winning mix that has made Puglia the destination at the top of the charts of favorite places to visit in Italy. In the lands of Primitivo and Negroamaro – according to the American magazine Wine Enthusiast, Puglia is in the top ten of the 2013 wine destinations – there are many masseries to offer excellent hospitality between Brindisi and Lecce.

Often just a stone’s throw from the cellars to visit that have made this possible with quality wines, secular traditions and cutting-edge innovations such as the Tenuta Eméra, in Marina di Pulsano. It is a story of wine and passion that of Claudio Quarta, the first scientist-entrepreneur in today’s vineyard biotechnology that in Puglia has found the ideal territory for the cultivation of the Primitivo, whose grapes mature at the end of August. The result is an intensely scented, full bodied and pleasing red wine. Not far away, the Masseria Bagnara Resort & Spa (Lizzano (Ta) Prices: double b & b from 150 pounds) is an ancient farmhouse with white walls and arches made of local tuff, transformed into a residence with fifteen rooms, a 360 degree view over vineyards, olive groves, Mediterranean scrub and sea.


Coast line Masserie di Puglia

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