For the USA Berlusconi is an ineffective clown

ROME – The “frequent gaffes” by Silvio Berlusconi, who is “a little ‘clown, ” and has a “poor choice of words ” have “offended practically all categories of Italian citizens, so that the image of Italy “ a poor comic tone”. The special of L’espresso opens with a quotation from a dispatch signed by the […]

If the accountant is going to talk….

There is a central figure, in the miserable tragedy that Italy is playing again before the startled eyes of the world, that no major American newspaper or English TV network can understand . Maybe only those who lived and grew up in Milan where Berlusconi also grew up and lived can hold this figure to […]

Good bye PDL: Berlusconi’s party new name is Italia

ROME – Berlusconi should have decided: the name of the new political creature that will replace the now disintegrated PDL will be simply “Italia”. To reveal the choice is the agency Dire1 that publishes on its website also the logo which should replace the current one. A blue circle with a tricolour band at the […]

Italian University Reform, the final sprint to the Senate

ROME – The Gelmini decree containing the reform of the university is coming to the last approval. The Senate should now close the examination of the measure and vote it in. The majority has bulletproofed  the text to avoid having to pass measures requiring a subsequent parliamentary passage in the House. Some contradictions between different […]

Berlusconi is famous even in Asia!

Macchiavelli ( the 15th century Italian philosopher and writer) used to say: Politics have no relation to morals! This is definetely valid for Mr Berlusconi. No matter what he does or say, people keep voting for him. Maybe for opportunism, maybe for blind faith or God knows why, but no matter what they throw at […]