Art & Party: Christmas Holidays in Rome

It is the cry of alarm: the tragic collapse in Pompeii and the cuts to culture. Still, there are encouraging figures: more than 12.2% of visitors in museums and more than 6.4% takings in only the first half of 2010. The desire for art, therefore, and to get to know the most important heritage of […]

Italy is way back on using the Internet and broadband

According to ISTAT, Italian families remain separated from those of Europe. The use of technology has increased  in Italy in 2010 but Italian families are still lagging behind Europe with regard to Internet use and broadband. This is what emerges from this statement made by Istat on technologies and their use by the Italians. “Compared […]

Berlusconi is famous even in Asia!

Macchiavelli ( the 15th century Italian philosopher and writer) used to say: Politics have no relation to morals! This is definetely valid for Mr Berlusconi. No matter what he does or say, people keep voting for him. Maybe for opportunism, maybe for blind faith or God knows why, but no matter what they throw at […]

Visit Venice and learn to cook!

Planning your next trip to Italy? Then you must for sure go and visit Venice, the City of Water. Whilst you are there, wandering around the small street, riding on a gondola or sipping a coffee in Saint Mark’s Square, you should also take some time and try to learn to cook some of the […]