The Maillol museum to showcase Murano glass history in Paris

The Maillol Museum in Paris has decided to dedicate an exhibit to the history of Venetian Murano glass. On show will be over two hundred art pieces, an extensive roundup of what the Murano glass has been and is, from the Renaissance until the present day, through painstaking and refined talent of the dynasties of […]

Caravaggio back in Rome

ROME – Unpublished documents, such as the one, precious, confirming his arrival in Rome when 25 years old, instead of 20 (thereby upsetting his biography), anecdotes, reconstructions, but also those of his contemporaries and his masterpieces: Caravaggio returns to the centre of a major exhibition from 11 February to St Ivo alla Sapienza, site of […]

Art & Party: Christmas Holidays in Rome

It is the cry of alarm: the tragic collapse in Pompeii and the cuts to culture. Still, there are encouraging figures: more than 12.2% of visitors in museums and more than 6.4% takings in only the first half of 2010. The desire for art, therefore, and to get to know the most important heritage of […]