Venice Film Festival 2012

If you are looking to make the most of this summer then why not consider to a flight to Venice to see the famous Venice Film Festival in Lido! At the end of August, the Serenissima becomes the mecca for the world of cinema hosting a whirlwind of events, VIP parties, red carpet and of […]

Medusa slashes Mediaset productions of Italian films

Directors, actors, electricians, stagehands, costume designers, tailors, designers, toolmakers and producers. Everyone told to stay at home. One day before before shooting. An exception even in the uncertain world of cinema. This recent happened with the filming of an Italian program “3 uomini in buca 9″. This program was not “arty” film or ramshackle comedy, […]

Woody Allen: I will shoot a film in Rome

ROME – It ‘s bee quarter of an hour waiting for a few sentences: Woody Allen has inadvertently turned the press conference set tonight in Rome before his concert in the Auditorium of the Conciliation into a gag of the films of his first period with a lot of exchange of suitcases from the clarinet. […]

All mad about Spaghetti Thrillers – Books and Tv speak Italian

LONDON – It ‘s big time for Italian thrillers on TV and in book-stores in England. The BBC is broadcasting with a very big success a new serial thriller set and filmed entirely in Rome. It is titled “Zen”, but the Oriental philosophy has nothing to do with it: it is the name of Aurelio […]

Historical cash record for the movie of Checco Zalone

Great results for “Che bella giornata“, in the first two days of programming the film has grossed more than 7 million €. It ‘s the best ever earnings for the Italian box office, more than they got for “Avatar” and “Harry Potter” ROME – Historical cash record for “Che bella giornata” the new Italian the […]