My once-in-a-lifetime trip to Venice

Venice has always been on my “must-see” travel list, with its endless romantic towers and basilicas reflected in those famous canals. It’s going to be tempting to explore Piazza San Marco as soon as I arrive, but the area gets very busy with all the attractions like the Doge’s Palace and Campanile bell tower. I’m […]

A Visual Feast In The Lap Of Luxury

Defined by its extraordinary location which is in the heart of a city and yet quite separate from it. the Cipriani is directly across from St Mark’s Square with its palaces, campanile, cathedral and thousands of visitors and yet there is a water’s breadth between them. You can look, but you cannot touch until you […]

Explore History, Culture and Romance in Italy – Rome Milan & Venice

Italy is a European country that has a captivating charm of its own. The trip to Europe would be incomplete without visiting this country, which is deeply rooted in history. One cannot count the numerous things that make this country so popular. Roman Empire, pasta, pizza, opera, architecture, museums, palaces, churches, and of course, beautiful […]

The Maillol museum to showcase Murano glass history in Paris

The Maillol Museum in Paris has decided to dedicate an exhibit to the history of Venetian Murano glass. On show will be over two hundred art pieces, an extensive roundup of what the Murano glass has been and is, from the Renaissance until the present day, through painstaking and refined talent of the dynasties of […]

Getting Married in Venice – The Whys, Hows and Where’s

If you’re currently planning on tying the knot then no doubt you’re in the throes of the same dilemma as every other couple faces – where can you do it that is a bit different. Everyone wants a wedding day to remember, an occasion that stands out from the crowd, and creates some wonderful happy […]

Venice by car? Well, looks like you can!

VENICE, Italy. They have arrived by car right under Rai Broadcasting offices in Venice, Italy. It ‘s the “stunt” of four youths from Jesolo Beach, who have resulted being a bit drunk. Last night in Venice this event triggered an alarm over a feared terrorist attack. When in fact, at around 4.30 am, their grey […]

Venice Rialto Fish market to close down?

VENICE. Rialto (one of the most famous areas of Venice) risks losing one of its symbols: the fish market. It could be the result of the announced transfer of the wholesale market from Tronchetto to Fusina, in the former Alumix areas. Situated well away from the “live” lagoon, almost inaccessible to fishermen and traders in […]

Johnny Depp offers 10 million euros for Venice palace on Gran Canal

Johnny Depp, who is looking for home in Venice has made an offer of ten million euros ($13.4 million dollars) to buy Palazzo Donà Sangiantoffetti, a wonderful  seventeenth-century building on the Grand Canal that he had visited with his wife during the filming of “The Tourist”. “Venice is fantastic, magical – the actor said at […]

Ashes to Ashes in Venice

When someone dies in the beautiful city of Venice (yes, you can die there too) usually the body will be burried on the small island of San Michele, which became the city cemetery under the rule of Napoleon, who thought it would be more hygienic for the citizens to have the remains of their loved […]

Visit Venice and learn to cook!

Planning your next trip to Italy? Then you must for sure go and visit Venice, the City of Water. Whilst you are there, wandering around the small street, riding on a gondola or sipping a coffee in Saint Mark’s Square, you should also take some time and try to learn to cook some of the […]